On the Road Food Prep


For meals on the road I try to think of things that will last long and be good cold or hot. Typically my mind comes to things like Pasta and veggies, quinoa and veggies, salads and veggie wraps. Veggies are typically good cold or hot depending on your taste. I normally use things like spinach or kale, peas, onions or shallots, and ill add beans in there too. Usually for a base I’ll use pasta and just cook some before hand or ill make a batch of quinoa which typically lasts 5 days in a cooler. For salads its pretty simple just make sure you don’t add dressing before hand or the lettuce will get all limp. And for the wraps its pretty simple too just cook some veggies and let them cool then add them to a wrap and leave whatever sauces you want on the side until you eat it. The only hard part about this is it may require a couple different containers. And to  state the obvious make sure you change out the ice in your cooler at least everyday so you don’t end up


Snacks are everyone’s favorite part about a road trip. Normally it’s either giant bags of popcorn or stops at the gas station but this is actually the easiest part of the food packing. I get all the things I’d like to bring that don’t have to be refrigerated and set them aside first.

  • Protein bars
  • Nuts
  • seeds
  • granola
  • trail mix
  • dried fruit
  • crackers and peanut butter

Then I set aside my cold snacks which for the most part i put all of them in mason jars for easier storage

  • Carrots and hummus
  • peppers and hummus
  • chia bowl
  • overnight oats
  • fruits (grapes, oranges, apples)


Easy drink options are smoothies, shakes and juices.