Making Money Well Traveling

How long are you going to be staying in one place well traveling around. Realistically it’s probably not long enough to get the typical job where it takes nearly a month after getting an interview, hearing back that your hired, setting up training, finishing training, and finally having your first day.  And then to be like peace out guys I’m giving you my two weeks and they will more than likely respond with don’t bother. SO… there’s a few different options.

From staying in one place a season, a few months, a few weeks, to maybe only a couple of days. Or if you are one of those people looking for a work from home job.

Option 1: Seasonal jobs.

Only summertime or only winter. Find places where the seasons exist. which means places will shut down part of the year so technically you aren’t ever quitting. Places in New England work well places like Florida not so much. Ski resorts in the winter and jobs that require being outdoors in the summer like a beach lifeguard. And when its seasonal you can technically collect unemployment during the time of the year that you aren’t employed which is a bonus.

Option 2: Temporary positions

from holiday season only jobs to just filling these can range from working at a chain retail store to picking up a job to help at an office for a few weeks during the busy time

Option 3: On call or daily jobs

Found on websites like or craigslist: things like painting someone’s house or babysitting or pet sitting for a day or to these jobs usually don’t take much time to get and most often are under the table. they are super inconsistent however are good if your only in an area for a short amount of time. you can also plan by checking online for quick daily jobs in the area you’ll be in next so you can plan a bit since these jobs usually require only a phone interview

Option 4: Remote jobs

MLM (Multi-Level Marketing): aka those things everyone thinks is a scam but truthfully you just must know a lot of people and sell a lot of stuff and once again usually it takes years to make a decent amount of money. Most people have heard enough about these kinds of things and won’t even hear u out when you are trying to just sell something, so it tends to get old fast. You’ll also see people posting on social media that they have started their own business. hate to break it to you but you haven’t your selling someone else’s products and they are the ones that are making the real money.

Customer Service: There are a few select companies that allow people to take phone calls and service customers from home. Like apple for example. All you need is access to a computer or in that case an apple computer.

Special skills: Certain sites provide one-time jobs for people that want to work from home like writing up documents for people or helping with marketing. These kinds of sites connect the work with people looking to work remote with that certain skill set.

Affiliate marketing: Whether you’re a youtuber or a person with a few thousand followers on Instagram you can make money by recommending things. you put a link for a product on your page or site and when someone buys it you get a commission. anywhere from 1% to 30% depending on what it is. amazon for example gives you the ability to be an affiliate and have a bunch of products linked to your page to buy with the tap of a button. all your commissions collect in amazon where you can cash them out.

Ambassador: let’s say you see a startup company for gym clothes, and you think that you could probably sell a few to your friends. email the company you’d like to be an ambassador now you have a code for people that gives them a discount to purchase and puts money in your pocket when they do. and you’ll also get another discount code with an even bigger discount code for yourself to buy stuff.

Sell on amazon: it’s easy to sell on amazon but not so easy to sell enough units for it to be worth your while. not only does amazon require you to have an inventory to send them they also charge you a monthly fee to sell on their site. You can buy things from other sites like Alibaba for example and resell them on amazon. When buying from wholesale suppliers you must buy a certain amount of a product which may leave you stuck with a lot of inventory.

Stocks: day trading is becoming more a more popular since buying low and selling high sounds easy. But its much more complex. Along with the fact that one mistake could cost you all your savings. So be careful because the more money you have in a stock the more money you can make and the more money you can lose.

Buy an Atm-B make money on atm fees. basic but you must buy the atm and keep it full which costs quite a bit of money upfront.

Real estate– buy a property, rent it or fix it up and resell

Everything has its pros and cons and with every reward comes its risks. What everyone wants is a earn money quick idea however it takes time and usually an initial investment to build. If you want to work on your own time where you want when you want, then it’s not working for someone else you may want to be striving for it creating a business for yourself that allows this. We don’t all get a huge inheritance or are born into a millionaire’s family.