6 Figures By 16

“The most common statement I heard growing up was why do you work so much, your just a kid”

That was the word I hated the most. Kid. I hated being a kid. Everyone considered you as someone who doesn’t know anything. Immature and irresponsible. Well that wasn’t me one bit. I started working at 10 years old. I walked dogs, cleaned houses, babysat, tutored, and was a private chef. Basically any job I could do at that age I would learn and then market myself in my network and do it. I knew everyone in my neighborhood and had about 50 clients. I learned quick and didn’t waste time. Id be out riding my bike from one persons house to the next 14-17 hours a day. I also taught sailing but that’s another story.

Long story short I may have not “known what I wanted to do when I grew up” but one things for sure I never wanted to be tight for money. So I started working early and saved every last penny. Then at 16 I moved out. At 17 I started traveling. And at 18 I bought my first home on wheels. At 19 I moved out of my hometown and began living up and down the east coast. Long story short I have no get rich quick idea for you other than work hard in whatever you do and make it count. xoxo