From the Ground Up

When you change. People fade away. Few stick around. People abandon you. People leave you in the dust. You’ll see right through people. You’ll figure out who cares. And who was just along for the ride. It is will hurt. A lot. Possibly all at once. But you’ll learn. The hard was. You’ll learn not to rely on other people for your own happiness. Not to give people power over your own life. Like most things in life you don’t learn it by being told the same thing you learn by experiencing it, by breaking down completely. You’ll learn that without failing you never truly know. You’ll find yourself. You’ll respect yourself more. And you’ll love yourself. Some things you must do alone. You need there to be nothing for you to fall back, no options for you other than straight ahead. So sometimes you must be alone, when you don’t want to be alone. Sometimes you don’t want to do what you know is best for you. And sometimes you don’t know what’s best for you. And sometimes you do.


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