Just passing through

Call us crazy. A lot of people do. It’s a way to label us upfront so they don’t have to think or even try to understand why we do the things I do. But that’s the key we not trying to get people to understand. We are not trying to pull people in or make them stay. We just give them the option. we give them the opportunity to listen in they want. To open their ears. To open their eyes. To hear. To see. To understand not necessarily accept, the ways but be open to them rather than closed off. They can keep walking. That’s what most people do. But the ones that stop and listen, the ones that stay after the story is told or even let us finish. Those are the special ones. Those are the people that are worth spending time thinking about. Spending time in building a future. Its not that everyone else isn’t worth your time but it’s just knowing that they won’t stay. And there’s nothing you can do to make them stay. Because their choice was made before you even opened your mouth. Based on your appearance. Based on your views. Your choices. Your lifestyle. Things they’ve heard about you before even talking to you or meeting you face to face. And that’s okay, their loss. One day they will know what they missed or maybe they won’t ever know. But that’s not something for you to even worry about. They are just passing in the wind. Every time the wind blows harder and harder you learn how strong you really need to be to still stand tall. “Most people aren’t meant to stay in our life. Most just pass through, to teach us something, to give us an experience that better prepares for what is next to come. To help us stand through the wind and continue forward.” Be the wind that blows us in the right direction. See you on the other side. Or never. Either is fine. Just fine.


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