“Wake me up”


“Someone pinch me. I am here. I think I am. Not a sense in me is working. I’m frozen. Stuck in replay. Same life repeatedly. Same schedule. Same lifestyle. Same mindset. A mindset saying things needs to change. But. But what. But nothing. The only thing stopping you living the life you want to is yourself. You’re the only one stopping it. The only one that can make it happen. You let people tell you how you should live and what you should do. You feel like you must obey. You must listen but you don’t realize you truly don’t have to. You’re not a puppet on a string. You are in control. Even when it feels like you aren’t. You always are. You always have a choice. Don’t let others make that choice for you. The next time you’ll look up you journey could be over. Your adventure comes to an end. So before then. Wake me up. I can’t feel a thing. My body tingles. There’s a light when I close my eyes. It’s the end. I see it. The end is near. It’s coming closer. But I can’t reach it. I feel like I’ll never reach it. But I know I will. It’s coming. Slowly but surely. One day. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But one day. It will hit me. It will come at me like a thousand needles. Leaving my body paralyzed. And that’s when. When it will happen. Ill finally feel. Alive. Alive again. When death hits you. It makes you realize what it felt like to be alive. Numb. The sensation lasts less than a second. Then you are lost. Your soul goes into a place we have never seen before. Your body left on earth. Lifeless. As it lays. Pale. Loss of color. Loss of life. Soulless. With nothing left inside. We don’t know where you go from there. But we know wherever you do go it not on earth. It’s not on this planet we call home. That supports life. For who knows how long. We certainly don’t. We enjoy it well it lasts. At least we try to. We don’t know what day we will go. And we don’t know what day we all we go. But we know that day exists. And we deal with the uncertainty of that very day. We push it the backs of our minds. There’s no use in thinking about it. it’s out of our control. There’s no use in trying to change something we couldn’t touch with a ten foot pole even if we tried. Nothing in life is guaranteed. Enjoy it well it lasts. Until the day it’s all taken away leaving you. Who knows where. If at all. Love like it’s your last moment. Live like it’s your last second. Breath your last breath. Leave without regret. Without a doubt that you have fulfilled yourself.”


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