Walk Away

Sometimes it’s not the person who changes it’s the mask that falls off.

Effort. Show me that you really care. I’m tired of doubting whether you’re coming or going.

Priorities. Never make someone your priority if you remain their option. You shouldn’t be just there insurance.

Importance. I don’t chase people anymore. I’m here. And I’m not going to run after people to prove that I matter.

Truth. You see their true colors when you are no longer beneficial in their life. And then it’s time for them to find the next one they can just throw to the curb anytime they want. Like they did to you.

Avoidance. If you are avoided by someone don’t ever disturb them again. If they don’t think your worth it then they defiantly aren’t.

If you can’t figure out where you stand with someone chances are it’s time to stop standing and start walking away.


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