Finding the Meaning

The meaning of life. To live. To create. To imagine. To dream. To make those dreams a reality. To change lives. To help others. To touch others’ lives. To be someone. Someone who may be afraid but they still go out and fight. They fight for themselves. They fight for others and they fight for freedom. They believe that the freedom for us to say and do what we want is only the beginning. They believe that it’s what you do with that opportunity rather than just the fact that you have. It’s only worth what you make it. You start from the ground up. You build yourself. You shape yourself, into the person you are today. You’re the one who makes every decision. And it’s up to you whether you own those decisions or not. People can try to tell you right from wrong along the way but is it really the fact that there’s a right answer over a wrong answer or is more of a matter of opinion. Everyone has a different perspective. Which makes us all unique. We are who we are. We have different experiences and opportunities we create for ourselves. It’s how we use them that matters.

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