Inspired by someone unnamed:

“Who am I. I am one of many. One of many that has been put into a box. Trapped. Labeled. Judged. Without a chance even given. One day someone gave me a chance. I got my big break. Someone to finally listen. To give me the opportunity to step out of the box. I stood up. I reached up to grab their hand. I grasped their hand. The second I saw light they let go. The door was slammed in my face as I fell to the ground. All opportunity lost. All sight of what was out there gone. In a second. It was that day in which I realized something. The ones who sit around waiting for people to help them and opportunity to come don’t always get lucky. Be the one who always is looking. Always trying. Finding alternative routes. Be the one to pull yourself out of the box. Who doesn’t wait to be pulled out. Find something that inspires you and make something even better yourself. Then share it. With everyone. Don’t follow, create a following. Be a genuine leader. Not by a title or the amount of money you earn. By a genuine following and support from others. Earn it. Put in the effort. Make it worth it. Make yourself worth it. Its not overnight. It can take years. It takes time to get results. Its trial and error. With every fall you must rise. Take the defeats as chances to do better. Do better. Everyday. With eyes and ears wide open ready to absorb and listen. That is how you reach success. With nothing to lose and all to gain, I am ONE of many.”


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