True Friends

Through thick and thin. The good days and the bad. They stick by your side. You’ve been through it all together. Even from day one if you could have seen all there was to come you still would have been there. Because that’s just what kind of person you are. Not just a best friend a true friend. You’re the friend who will stay up all night helping them study for an exam even when you have to work in the morning. The friend who misses class to give them a ride to work. The friend that’s there to answer the 2am phone calls. The friend that’s there to help you pick up the pieces after a breakup. The friend to sit and listen to you go on and on even when you’re not making any since. The friend to hold you. The friend to be there in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep. The friend to come bail you out even when they told you it was a bad idea. The friend that takes the hurtful words when there only doing the best for you. The friend that doesn’t except you excuses because they know your better than that. The friend that pushes you to do your best. The friend that does their best to make sure you’re going in the right direction. The friend that always has your back even when they know your wrong. The friend that still forgives you time after time. The friend that’s always willing to do anything for you. The friend that sacrifices themselves for you. Without expecting anything in return. Because they love you like family. And as far as there considered you are family.  Your afraid to lose them but they assure you that there not going anywhere. And that aren’t. They’re with you until the end. You’re lucky to have to them. And you can’t imagine your life without them.


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